SMI Lagos

SMI Team visits Catholic Hospital, Oke Ira, Lagos, Nigeria.

Package Gifts comprising of pad, pampers, baby soap, towel, etc were distributed to 150 mothers.

SMI Team visited the Catholic Hospital Oke Ira on the hospital’s ante natal clinic day.  The Matrons and Doctors on duty applauded the efforts of the SMI Lagos Coordinator, Ateboh Abiola and  SMI Ekiti Coordinator,  Mrs Regina Afolabi,  as the SMI team provided valuable health information to pregnant mothers present  at that occasion.

SMI Team encouraged the women to comply with Obstetrician’s advice on issues regarding Caesarian Section (C/S). This advice is important because, it has been recorded that several women abscond to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) when the Obstetricians suggest C/S.  Failure to comply with obstetrician’s advice is among the factors contributing to maternal deaths in Africa. This is particularly so, when diagnosis indicates that the baby is mal positioned or that the pregnancy is susceptible to complication.

The SMI Team also enlightened the women on the importance of eating healthy diets during pregnancy, including daily intakes of fruits, vegetables and water. In addition, the women were enlightened on the importance of rest and early recognition of labour signs. The team also demonstrated pre-natal exercises.

After the seminars, the women sincerely thanked the SMI team for their valuable health talks. They also expressed their grievances on C/S matters and how non-compliance is due to fear and lack of funds etc.  The SMI team allayed their fears and promised some assistance. The SMI team emphasized that they will continue to campaign and canvass that government provided free C/S to less privileged women.

According to the SMI Lagos Coordinator, Mrs Ateboh:

“We were opportune to see a mother who had a C/S operation done -- mother and baby were fine. We gave her little health talk on the care of the baby and herself, importance of following the Nurses and Doctors instructions etc.  Gifts were also given to her and her baby. She really appreciated our visit and prayed for the uplifting of SMI.” “In addition, we provided package gifts comprising of pad, pampers, baby soap, towel, etc to 150 mothers.”

Mrs Ateboh says that the SMI Lagos future programs include:


“a visit to Dorcas Initiative, an NGO that take care of the widows and widowers.

and, a visit and party with the Orphans this Christmas.”

Congratulations to the SMI Teams in Lagos and we look forward to celebrating more successful projects in 2012.




Ateboh Abiola, the coordinator of Sweet Mother International in Lagos state, Nigeria,  alongside her team members,  donated salt, soap, clothes, and food items to  LITTLE SAINTS ORPHANAGE HOME, Lagos.


According to Abiola,

"We really thank the almighty father for allowing us to get some stuffs for the Orphans, this was made possible by my FAMILY MINISTRY and a bag full of clothing were donated by the Ekiti State Coordinator, Mrs

Regina Afolabi. The bag of rice, cartoon of Indomie Noodles, bag of salt, two bag full of children clothing, a cartoon of liquid soap, bar soaps, etc were donated by my Family Ministry."

The staffs of the Little Saints Orphanage Home were really overwhelmed by the generosity of the SWEET MOTHER INTERNATIONAL LAGOS BRANCH and their kind gesture towards the orphans.


More visits are schedule to take place to Old People’s Homes, hospitals and other locations.

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