Abuja Peace Rally

Sweet Mother International Advocates for Peace Amidst Insecurity in Nigeria 

By Chigozie Effe

In response to the escalating violence and insecurity plaguing Nigeria, Sweet Mother International (SMI), through its Abuja chapter coordinator Mr. John Adeshina, has extended support to a peace-promoting group known as The Patriots.

SMI's Commendation for Peace Efforts: 

During a recent sign-in for peace program at Unity Fountain, Abuja, Mr. Adeshina praised The Patriots for their dedication to fostering peace. He expressed deep concern over the recent bombings in Jos Plateau State, which resulted in the tragic loss of over 150 lives, emphasizing that "Our dear country is really in need of peace, especially now when the daily loss of lives is detrimental to our national development." 

The Call for National Unity and Peace: 

Mr. Adeshina urged all Nigerians to embrace peace as a fundamental pillar for societal development. This sentiment was echoed by The Patriots' National Coordinator, Mr. Emmanuel Nkanta, who highlighted the critical need for peace in restoring security and stability across the country.

The Patriots' Stance on Peace: 

The group condemned the recent acts of terrorism, affirming that "demonstrating peace is a collective responsibility, driven by love for one another." They stressed that peace is not only possible but essential for national progress and unity.

Combating Corruption for National Development: 

The Patriots also identified corruption as a significant obstacle to Nigeria's development. Their campaign aims to instill values of love, compassion, and forgiveness among Nigerians.

Interfaith Support for Peace: 

In a surprising and unifying gesture, Assistant Secretary NASFAT (Abuja branch), Mr. Quadri-adu Kehinde, recited Christian prayers alongside Christian youths, demonstrating the need for interfaith collaboration in combating common threats. He stated, "It is every Nigerian's duty, irrespective of tribe or religion, to embrace peace."

Community of Sant’ Egidio's Endorsement: 

A representative of the Community of Sant’ Egidio, Mr. Steve Edache, also lent support to the peace advocacy, aligning with the event's objectives and urging Nigerians to actively pursue peace.


This event marks a significant step towards uniting various communities and organizations in the quest for peace in Nigeria. Sweet Mother International stands at the forefront of this movement, advocating for a harmonious and secure future for the nation.






Dear Compatriot,

The moment has come for us to look at the future with our eyes and drink from the flowing spring of hope. We must not wallow in the desert of despair that the situation of our Nation cannot be changed for better. We must not allow the dark challenges we face to suffocate the light of greatness evident in our country, Nigeria. We must arise and obey the clarion call of our Nation to serve with Love, Strength and Faith for Peace and Unity to flourish.

For too long we have faulted the National Pledge through our attitudes. For too long, we have contributed to violence ignorant of the fact that war is the mother of poverty. For too long we have contributed to corruption negligent of the truth that Poverty and Hunger provokes conflict. For too long we have cheated and destroyed our brothers and sisters ignorant of the reality that we hail from the same God and Creator. For too long, we have taken the back seat, stood in the shadow and even tried to suppress our intellect, knowledge and understanding.

Now is the time to live the National Anthem, Pledge and Constitution. Now is the time to live the promises of Democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark valley of violence and disunity to the sunlight path of Peace and Unity, for it would be fatal to overlook the urgency of the moment and underestimate the determination of the oppressed.

Our meeting today is historic as we converge at this place notably known as the Unity Fountain, a place where the Thirty - Six States of the Federation and the F.C.T Abuja are represented as one; a Fountain of Unity and Peace. Today, we gather to as Patriots remind ourselves that we are one irrespective of our differences. Today we formally present to Nigerians a New Slogan of Peace; God Bless Nigeria.......For Unity, Peace and Progress. Today we introduce to Nigerians a New Method to promote Peace composed of four major Assemblies;

·         Love Assembly (to hold last Saturday of every Month).

·         Prayer for Nigeria Assembly (to hold every last day of worship/service).

·         Children Ambassadors for Peace Assembly (to hold Quarterly).

·         Peace and Unity Declaration Assembly (to be held at the beginning of every year- annually).

Through these Assemblies, we:

God Bless Nigeria.......For Unity, Peace and Progress.

Every society desirous of Development must thread on the progressive path of Peace. This is true considering the fact that Peace is a prerequisite for transformation. Its absence amounts to setbacks and underdevelopment. In any case, the demonstration of Peace is a collective responsibility driven by the virtue of Love for one another. Uniting for Peace is Uniting for Development. We believe through this Project, Peace is Possible. This project is an invitation and call on Nigerians to rise up to the challenges of Nation Building and work for Peace, Unity and Progress. It is a call on Nigerians of different faiths and ethnic affiliations to join hands together in the work for peace.

Peace is possible if we work collectively as a Nation irrespective of our differences. THE SIGN-IN FOR PEACE IN NIGERIA CAMPAIGN begins today as a call on Nigerians to Unite in Truth, Justice and Human Solidarity. This Campaign is meant to dispel from our land the attitude of Greed, Exploitation and Oppression. This Campaign is meant to cultivate in Nigerians the values of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. This Campaign is a clarion call on Nigerians to pray that God save us from Violence, Disaster and War. As we work for Peace, we pray that God may Bless Nigeria for Unity, Peace and Progress to flourish. With God on our side, we shall build a Better Nigeria.

God Bless Nigeria………For Unity, Peace and Progress

Thank You

Yours in Nation Building


National Project Coordinator

For: the Patriots

08058949803, 08138809689