About Us

Sweet Mother International (SMI) Nigeria

Who We Are: 

Sweet Mother International (SMI) Nigeria is a branch of a global non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of mothers. We are committed to reducing maternal mortality and ensuring safe and healthy childbirth for all women in Nigeria. Our team comprises compassionate, dedicated professionals and volunteers united in the goal of nurturing and safeguarding motherhood.

Our Journey: 

SMI Nigeria was established in response to the alarming rate of maternal deaths in the country. Recognizing that every mother's life is precious, we embarked on a mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all women, irrespective of their geographical location or economic status.

Our Work: 

Our work encompasses a range of activities aimed at supporting mothers and expectant women. This includes:

"SAVE" Campaign: 

Our flagship initiative, the "SAVE" (Save African Women from Pregnancy Related Deaths) campaign, directly addresses the urgent need to reduce maternal mortality in Nigeria. It's a call to action for individuals, communities, and the government to join hands in safeguarding the lives of pregnant women and new mothers.

Why Support Us: 

By supporting SMI Nigeria, you contribute to a movement that saves lives and empowers women. Your involvement can make a tangible difference in the fight against maternal mortality and in fostering a future where childbirth is safe for every woman.

Join Us: 

We invite you to join us in this vital mission. Whether as a volunteer, donor, or advocate, your support is invaluable. Together, we can transform the landscape of maternal health in Nigeria.

Contact Us: 

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