"SAVE" rally in Lagos State

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 12:34:9 AM

Goal one and two of the Sweet Mother  International "SAVE" campaign are:1. To organize rallies, media campaigns, TV Talk Shows in order to highlight the plight of women in Africa, particularly, the avoidable deaths of women from treatable pregnancy complications.2. To call on governments and stakeholders to intervene in reducing maternal mortality rates in Africa; particularly, to call on African governments to provide free obstetrics care for women.To achieve this objectives, with the full entourage of the Nigerian Police, Area F, the "SAVE" team in Lagos lead a procession from Ikeja Local Government office, parading all through Ikeja market to the  Governor and the Commissioner for Women Affairs Offices. The procession receive an overwhelming public and media support; particularly, the Lagos State Television Channel 8 provided  media interviews and aired the campaign on prime time. According to Ateboh Abiola, the "SAVE" campaign Chairperson in Lagos, "we were full supported by the public and all vehicles were being subjected to only one lane by the police, people really appreciate the logo (SWEET MOTHER INTERNATIONAL), and we witnessed a lot of heads nodding and appreciative facial expressions, some collected our contacts numbers and thanked the organizers of the "SAVE" campaign. From Alade market, we went to LTV 8, Alausa Ikeja, where they were so eager to televise the programme and the rally. From there, we went to the government offices , where we met with government representatives and told them of  our mission. They showed much interest in the "SAVE" campaign  and have scheduled meetings with us for further discussions.  We really thank the Almighty Father for allowing this rally to come to reality  and we are confident that an immediate action will be taken by the government to eradicate maternal deaths in Lagos State".Thanks  to the Nigerian Police, the media,  women and men of Lagos State , and all supporters and coordinators who devoted their time and energy in  making  this rally a reality in Lagos state, Nigeria.