Sweet Mother International, Kano

Collaborates with

Birthing Kit Foundation, Australia

to distribute BIRTHING KITS at


Gwale L.G.A, Kano State,

Report by: Medinat Lawal, Coordinator, SMI Kano

Below are the pictures taken during the inaugural distribution of birthing kits in Kano State,  starting with the KABUGA PHC:

SMI team discussing with the officer in charge and doctors at KABUGA PHC

Women receiving antenatal care, during the distribution of birthing kits.

SMI team discussing with doctors at the clinic.

SMI team leader, Medinat Lawal Sani and others with staff of the clinic.

Staff of KABUGA PHC, Maryam Umar Ado demonstrating the use of birthing kit.

Distributing birthing kits.

 Demonstration  on how to use the Birthing Kit (1)

Demonstration 2

Demonstration 3

Demonstration 4

Demonstration 5

SMI Kano sincerely thanks Alao Ladi, the SMI-Nigeria National Coordinator for his efforts in ensuring  that SMI-Kano received the birthing kits.

In addition, SMI Kano thanks Birthing  Kit Foundation Australia for their generous donation and extends accolades to John Nze-Bertram, President of SMI International for his kindness  and for making it all possible.

For further information contact:

Medinat Lawal Sani
SMI Kano

Email: kano@sweetmotherinternational.org

Kano SMI Coordinator