Olumide Akinwumi-Oke
Short Profile 

Over 14 years experience in Customer / Clients Management, Mainstream Sales / Marketing and Quality Management.

Was for several years Country Customer Services Manager of DHL Nigeria.

An avid writer, he has extensive experience in acting, directing and film production.

Produced both radio and television programmes including:

     - Skye High (daily 5 minute motivational programme on radio presented by the former Group Managing Director of Skye Bank),

     - E360 - entertainment full circle programme pan Nigeria,

     - Golden Pasta Cook n Win - cookery game show,

     - Kebani - tourism magazine show,

     - Veleta Celebs! - celebration magazine show,

     - Power for the Wise - early morning inspirational show.

Has a special knack for documentaries and has done for several clients and groups.

Olumide holds a degree in law and has attended several trainings, locally and internationally, on Marketing, Management and Television production.

His strength is in Directing, Planning and Organizing.


Alao Ladi

State Coordinator, Kwara

National Coordinator, SMI Nigeria

Acting Continental Coordinator, Africa

Working Career
- Kwara State Essential Drugs Project, Ilorin, Nigeria (A World Bank Assisted Project)
- National Youth Service (Government Secondary School, Akwanga, Nassarawa State, Nigeria)
- Kwara Eye Care Programmme, Civil Service Hospital  (A Sight Savers International [British NGO] Assisted program, )


I have always loved to participate in volunteer programs in order to contribute my own quota to the lives of humanity. I am in particular interested in this program because the rate of maternal mortality in my country, Nigeria is very alarming. Government is actually doing her very best but we all need to give supporting hands to ensure women are saved from pregnancy related deaths. I am glad to be fully involved.


Ateboh Abiola

I am a registered Nurse in Nigeria since 1986, am also registered in United Kingdom and Newzealand. I worked in United Kingdom as a Nurse for five years and while there, i noticed that their health care system was near perfect compared to my country Nigeria, where there are so many neglect as per our Government. I use to ponder, if my country health for the citizen programme can be given top most priority, this will reduce the death rate of my people.There are so many pregnancy related death cases, that as a midwife, it saddens my heart to see cases which could have been avoided leading to untimely termination of life. It is sad that in my country there are inadequate hospitals, maternity homes, and local care centers  including insufficient modern equipments in the hospitals.

Those available are expensive for the ordinary family. On top of this, is the issue of bad roads; shortage of medical personnel; electricity, light can go off during an operation in some local centers which can endanger the life of patients;   non availability of funds for a family to pay for caeserian operation if suggested by  a doctor, thereby resulting to people opting for an alternative medicine home etc. Seeing all these motivates me to use the little means i have to help some  disadvantaged families who need help. As such,  I am glad to volunteer for the sake of the less privileged women in the society, in order to reduce the pregnancy related death.

Clement Bamigbola

Clement Bamigbola is the CEO of Be and See Inspirations a Visual and Audio Presentations  Consultancy - Research - Development - Training - Seminars Firm. He is the founder and leader of  Be and See Inspirations, a  volunteers group  of intellectuals and Artisans committed to trendy social work outreach,   campaigning for peace in the universe. Mr. Bamigbola hosts public enlightenment programs  and showcases hopeful initiatives in order to prevent tragedies,  poverty and crime. Also, the Be and See programs  promotes peaceful co-existence, and enhance human value & needs. Mr. Bamigbola  has also established effective youth empowerment projects, helping young people to acquire vocational skills acquisition , this includes an intensive practical hands on training in Artisanat.

Be and See Inspirations Volunteer Group is the  official Co-ordinator of U.N. 21st Sept. International Day of Peace Awareness Campaign and Participation  Programs in West Africa Sub Region and beyond since Sept.2002.

Mr Clement Bamigbola is a  Multi talented Artisan, a moralist and Adept in Esoteric Arts with austere discipline. He radiates honesty and integrity in all his conduct and duties as an exemplary model leader who is sincerely devoted to his combination of talents. As a multi-talented  person, Mr. Bamigbola is well recognized as a  graphic designer, illustrator, painter, sign maker, printer, photographer and craftsman of metal, iron, stone, glass, plastic, fiber, wood, leather, cloth and paper; and his  works are used all over the world.   

According to Clement, 'beside the fact that i'm addicted to voluntarism, mother issue is a very special one, '' who dare say his or her Mother 's soup is not sweet'' . To demonstrate his love for the "SAVE" campaign, Mr. Bamigbola designed the "SAVE" Logo and printed the T-shirts, Banners and PR material used during the rally in Lagos.


Barbara Ayodeji Okoruwa

Am Barbara a single mother survived by GOD's grace during delivery,and a broadcaster who thinks women and as well as men really need to be enlightened on how they can live their lives to the fullest if knowledgeable about their health.....

Deborah Salami

I am the President of CAFSO- Women's Rights Action Group, a non-governmental organization promoting the rights and advancement of women in all ramifications.

Since the establishment of CAFSO-WRAG in 2001, I have played a leading role in activities targeted towards bringing about sustainable change in the plight of women particularly maternal and reproductive health and rights issues: building the capacity of local women to combat poverty -as research has it that 65% of people that are poor are women. We have carried out peaceful rallies on a number of issues affecting women .One of these is the market rally held on October17 2009 the UN Anti-Poverty Day. This was done to mobilize the critical mass of Women in sending signals to government on the need to improve the quality of life of women and their children. I have led the launching of PIGA DEBE for women's maternal health asking why should mothers die giving birth? Piga debe in Swahili language means make a loud noise about something.

I am volunteering because this activity is within the scope of what I do in my organisation and it is what I have passion in doing. Nigeria makes up 2%of the world's population, but it accounts for 10% of the world's maternal death. 54,000 Nigerian women die annually from pregnancy related complications translating to one woman dying every thirty minutes anywhere in this country. This rally is another intervention that can bring about change in the Nigerian maternal status quo and I am delighted to play a prominent role in it.


Idris Usman A

I hold HND in Banking and finance and a student member CIBN and have worked as an Auxillary nurse in a private clinic. I joined this campaign because i'm very passionate about women and much concern about the difficulties they normally pass true during child birth especially in rural areas. I believe that, the  worst thing that could happen in life is not death but seeing a woman's lifeless body lying in her own blood after child birth or died at home because of inadequate medical attention. For this reason, I am glad to be a part of the "SAVE" campaign and contribute my own quota to eradicate maternal death in Niger state.

Oluseyi J. Da'Silva

I am a Journalist by profession and training. I am a Christian, native of Osogbo in Osun state. An HND holder in Banking & Finance, PGD in Journalism. In my sixteen years of practice as a Journalist, I have made name for being the defender of the people. I have single-handedly  spearhead the course of saving peoples life and standing up to defend the poor.


Ann Orumade

Coalition of Niger Delta Women in Peace Building.

We are a body of women who despite all hindrances and set back in our community, we have decided to be a voice to the oppressed, to seek peace no matter the cost believing that meaningful development can only take place in an atmosphere of peace. Our main reason for volunteering is because we are women who one way or the other have tasted the pains of inadequate care during and after child birth but for God we may not be alive today to fight this cause. We believe it is cause that must be pursued vigorously so as to put a stop to these avoidable deaths.


Mathew Adeshina

The passion to serve humanity is something that gives me that innermost JOY and Satisfaction. This same passion was the major reason why i was an inducted member of the Junior Chambers International (JCI). The major aim of JCI was to uphold democratic parliamentary tenets at collegiate and tertiary levels, and to promote the culture of serving humanity at local and international levels.

In 2003 i was accredited by the Justice, Development and Peace Commission to monitor and record on the spot electioneering events in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nigeria.

As a professional building engineering  consultant and a certified project manager, I have had  the rear privilege  of coordinating building projects in remote, laid back rural  settlements.

Working within remote communities, I observed that these communities were grossly neglected by the Government; as a result, there exists high rate of poverty, illiteracy and of course, very high maternal mortality incidents.

I believe that we all have a role to play in helping these vulnerable people living in remote communities. More so, it beholds on each and every privileged member of our society to cultivate the habit of extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters who have found themselves in these dangerous and life threatening conditions, as exists in Nigerian rural communities.

I will play my part in the cause, by actively campaigning to save Nigerian women from poverty and pregnancy related deaths.

Long Live the Volunteers ! Long Live the SMI !!



I am an administrator that works with the Federal College of Education Kano, with passion for community services as a humanitarian. I have lost an aunty through child birth and live in a State with high incidence of maternal mortality. 

I am also the Executive Director of ELDERLY CARE INITIATIVE a Non- Governmental Organisation founded to cater for the needs and aspirations of aged  and vulnerable persons in the society. The organisation is a member of CSOs Networks on Good Governance and Human Rights in Kano State

I promise to  give my time to participate in rallies and also coordinate events in Kano at the community or State level

I shall engage various groups to support SMI activities


Talatu Yahaya Kassim

My name is Mrs Talatu Yahaya Kassim, a mother of four children,Two adopted and two biological. A Pharmacist by training.

I coordinate the activities of Aroma of care  foundation whose office is situated in one of the remotest areas of Kaduna state in  Nigeria. One of the goals of the foundation is to empower women to contribute positively to the development of their families and the community at large.

Why i want to volunteer: I am a woman, I have a passion for any developmental activity that will better the standard of living of women.

The foundation is a structure that will like to partner with your organization to deliver to stakeholders in our community this loudable message of hope for the women.